A Long Term Play for Better Healthcare Starts with the Supply Chain

Hospitals rely heavily on their supply chain, just as any other retailer does.  However, the chances of little Timmy slipping into a coma are pretty low if a supplier misses a delivery of the latest Happy Meal toys to your local McDonald's.  Chances increase, however, if he orders the McRib. Gross.

3 Reasons Why Retailers Should Pay More Attention to Their Backroom

Thanks to just-in-time inventory management practices, speed of delivery and readily available product distribution, the backroom of your typical retailer has steadily shrunk over the last decade.  This is true for clothiers, fast food, and most other retailers looking to maximize profits and utilize the space to effectively support front end marketing strategies.

LUXLOCK: The Internet of Product (IoP) and “The Barbell Effect” in Action.

Earlier this year, I made some predictions in Innovate or Die: 5 Omni-channel Strategies Amazon is Trying to Outrun.  As a part of those predictions, I talked a little bit about the "barbell effect" and how there would be a dichotomy between luxury/high-end, customized, boutique firms that offered a unique customer experience for a premium and hyper-local/convenience …

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