Five Obstacles 3PLs Need to Overcome Before Effectively Utilizing “Big Data.”

It's no surprise that data driven decisions are continually being incorporated into decision making and management of processes throughout the supply chain.   Big data will allow companies (shippers) to optimize the supply chain, increase visibility across organizations, and drive efficiency throughout the supply chain. Large logistics providers understand this and have more capacity to …

Industry Outlook: The Role 3PLs Will Play in Supply Chain Transformation.

Product based companies looking to gain a competitive advantage are beginning to transform the "traditional" supply chain process.  Some companies are further ahead than others, and we could talk about Amazon at length, but I'm talking about a shift in the traditional model, industry average and the status quo.

5 Things I Learned While Researching Trump’s Trade Agenda: Outlook for US Based Manufacturing.

I read through Trump's trade agenda and compiled my top five takeaways.  You may or may not be surprised... While I read through all of the policies, I've tried to keep the post at a high level and did not dig into the weeds.  I've seen just how deep the rabbit hole goes...  and I may …

12 Step Program for Vetting Vendors: Evaluating ERP, OMS, WMS and Other Software Based Solutions for 3PL and eCommerce Fulfillment.

If you are an online retail executive, you are being hounded daily by vendors peddling technology solutions all in the name of reduced costs and enhanced customer experience. If you are currently vetting vendors or plan to consider upgrades in the near future, please consider the following to help you make a better decision.