The Company Town is No More: Property Life Cycle Changes and Consequences of Labor Shortage

We've all heard stories about the "Company Town."  Communities built around a manufacturer and labor forces so dependent on the company for employment that a closure or mass layoff would leave families and communities in dire straights.  There are a lot of company towns still in existence today (see list here), but in the last 10 years, the younger demographic has flipped the company town model on its head.  Now we're seeing many companies scrambling to follow skilled laborers and young professionals into markets that offer more than just a steady job.

Disaster Recovery Guide and Resources for When a Natural Disaster Strikes.

Lightning bolts, floods, fires and the occasional category 5 hurricane are inevitable.  They will come. It's just a matter of where and when. While it isn't sexy or fun to put a disaster recovery plan in place, it is critical to employee safety and business continuity when the worst does happen. It is also critical to understand that real estate is not the only facet of disaster recovery that may be affected if a building site is destroyed or disabled. Disasters will have a global effect on HR, IT, marketing, finance in addition to operations and real estate. A streamlined and updated Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) can save lives and reduce the the overall impact on your company.  

Five Ways to “Green Up” Your Existing Warehouse/Distribution Center

Building a brand new building is probably the best way to incorporate "green" systems and processes into your warehouse or distribution center.  However, most companies are dealing with razor thin margins and need to instead make due with older and less efficient facilities. This post will break down five small adjustments to existing operations that …

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