Be Proactive or Eat Dust: The Case for Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Companies standing out from the crowd are taking the extra steps, spending more, speaking out, and partnering with companies that have a focus on sustainability practices going forward. Manufacturers and consumers alike are demanding higher quality products/service and lower carbon footprints.

5 Steps That Will Make Your Business Partnerships Flourish in 2018

Last year I posted an article on Industry Outlook: The Role 3PLs Will Play in Supply Chain Transformation.  Part of that post reflected on how third party logistics providers (3PLs) are moving away from a traditional transaction based relationship to reciprocal partnerships that instead take a strategic hand-in-hand approach.  The problem here is that the two …

3 Reasons Why Retailers Should Pay More Attention to Their Backroom

Thanks to just-in-time inventory management practices, speed of delivery and readily available product distribution, the backroom of your typical retailer has steadily shrunk over the last decade.  This is true for clothiers, fast food, and most other retailers looking to maximize profits and utilize the space to effectively support front end marketing strategies.

4 Reasons “The Maker Movement” Will Redefine Traditional Manufacturing in the U.S.

My Dad and I met for lunch recently, and he showed me plans for a custom potting bench he had already designed and built for my mother.  Before I get too far, I should say that it is a beautiful piece and received rave reviews from the ladies at bridge club (nice work Pop). 

He wants to market the product online and was looking for pointers from a trusted Xennial on website design, marketing and distribution so he could determine whether or not a larger market existed for the beloved potting bench (i.e. beyond bridge club). 

I don't know where my Dad's project will land, but it got me thinking about how DIY could revolutionize our idea of traditional manufacturing.

China’s Economic Petri Dish: Why Alibaba Will Revolutionize “New Retail” and Become the World’s 5th Largest Economy by 2036

If you are Amazon, a major brick and mortar retailer or retail focused real estate developer, this post is your wake up call.  In 2012 Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba made an aggressive $16 million (100 million RMB) wager on the future of Chinese retail with Wang Jianlin, head of Dalian Wanda Group, a leading privately-held conglomerate (major retail developer) based in China.

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